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Historical Clock Tower
Historical Clock Tower Building
Clock Tower

Time Menders is owned and run by Darryn Clark a certified Clockmaker. As well as operating a fully functional repair workshop Time Menders now also offers Guided Tours of the National Monument Clock Tower building. The building is a certified National Monument and had great Historical significance to both V&A Waterfront and Cape Town. The tour will take you back in time to an era long forgotten. The three-story building had points of interest on all three floors. Ground Floor is the remains of the mechanical Tidal Gauge and The repair workshop where customers can see the repair process. The middle floor know as the mirror room which was used by the original Harbor Master. And the Top floor where the functioning mechanical clock can be seen.  There are is also a range of Custom made clocks that are hand made in South Africa. We have well-informed guides who are able to answer any questions. The tour is approximately 20 minutes long.

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