The V&A Waterfront recognises that much of its success is owed to its dedicated and committed workforce. These special people manage South Africa’s most visited destination in such a way that it has become a benchmark for international waterfront developments.
The organisation is people-centred, and firmly believes in subscribing to best practice and in making sustainable efforts to ensure the creation of a wealth of human capital from within.

The V&A Waterfront continues to try and instil a culture of mindful and ethical leadership that informs everything it does, and it encourages employs always to aspire to excellence and accountability. The emotional investment of the organisation translates into each employee living the values of the V&A Waterfront, which echoes respect, passion, humility and responsibility in their everyday endeavours, while being driven to succeed in a fast-paced, dynamic climate.

The V&A’s key values are as follows:

  • We are welcoming: we treat everyone with friendliness and warmth.
  • We take pride: we do what we say we will do.
  • We do the right thing: we are all ambassadors for the Waterfront.
  • We build relationships: we work on every relationship as if it will be a life-long relationship


The V&A Waterfront is a vibrant and challenging environment, which incorporates living history, natural beauty, a working harbour and over 450 shops. It has a corporate culture geared towards growth and innovation. The organisation understands the importance of embracing diversity and offers opportunities to employees in various areas of expertise and experience.