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Go on a unique and unforgettable jewellery and diamond tour at Shimansky. Witness how diamond and tanzanite jewellery takes shape in front of your eyes at the on-site jewellery manufacturing workshop. Learn more about South Africa’s most famous precious gem at Cape Town’s first and only diamond museum. In the Shimansky Diamond cutting and polishing workshop, see how a rough stone is transformed into a creation of fire and light. Enjoy all of this while being treated to some of the finest South African wines, freshly brewed coffee, or a chance to surf the internet. There are several signature designs on display, including The Millennium, Evolym, Eight Hearts and Brilliant 10. You will also be given the opportunity to select your own diamond and setting. Jewellery pieces can be tailor-made and delivered within 24 hours.

9am - 9pm
021 4212788
021 4027926


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