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Experience real luxury at the Shimansky boutique store and find the perfect Shimansky creation, whether it’s a gift of earrings for yourself, a striking tanzanite ring for a loved one, or a sparkling diamond reminder of your time in Cape Town. Shimansky is respected world-wide for superb quality and cutting-edge jewellery design. Exclusive diamond, tanzanite and platinum pieces of jewellery are all on offer at the Shimansky V&A Waterfront jewellery store. World- renowned for superior quality workmanship and innovative designs, every creation is expertly crafted from the finest African precious gems, hand-selected by the owner and diamond expert Yair Shimansky himself. Celebrated for designer jewellery collections, the Shimansky Diamond Jewellery Store offers its customers exquisite statement pieces, which includes rare natural yellow diamonds. Shimansky diamonds are sourced directly from the mine, cut and polished in-house and adhere to the Kimberley Process, ensuring that they are one hundred percent conflict-free. Let a visit to Shimansky Diamond Jewellers be the highlight of your visit to the Waterfront.

9am - 9pm
021 4259888
021 4252888


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