Hey Cape Town, Let’s V&A This Youth Day

16 June 2023
Across Property

This Youth Day, we’re starting a dynamic conversation with the citizens of Cape Town. ​

A conversation that will live beyond 16 June. ​

To open the floor, we’re inviting young people to step into our world, to create with us and play with us, to be whoever they want to be in our space – in celebration of Youth Day. Our world is their blank canvas, and it’s available for everyone to write their own story. This invitation extends beyond our world and this holiday. ​

We’re giving young people an opportunity to take the conversation further, on their own terms. ​ Whether they want to ignite change or keep it light, Hey CT! is their voice.


Hey, Cape Town! Let’s hang out this Youth Day. ​


Let’s JAM with Bands not Gangs, Tern Entertainment, Neemah and Undiscovered Stars

Let’s Connect with Sasol Youth in Energy.

Sasol Youth in Energy | 13:30-14:30

Join Bands Not Gangs | 14:30- 15:30

TERN Entertainment and Development Projects   | 16:00- 17:00

Neemah | 17:30-18:00

Undiscovered Stars|18:30-19:30



Let’s SKATE with Ultimate X and Monster Energy | 11:00-15:00

Let’s Art with a live Mural Painting by Sarah Kate Meyer x Plascon

Let’s Draw at the Sketch Zone with Free The Walls or Doodle with Chalk at the Boardwalk (All levels and ages welcome)

Let’s Bounce with 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball | 11:00-15:00

Let’s Play with Jenga, Table Tennis and Foosball games available

Music available all day with Living out Loud performance and our stores such as Boardhub, Grade Africa and Balmoral are all OPEN on the Day

Living Out Loud, Youth & Culture Showcase |12:00-16:00



Let’s thrift at Makers Landing with Market and Friends

Let’s Game with a Fifa Tournament- sign up here 

Lets Game with Racing Simulator tournament for the fastest lap.

Let’s eat with delicious eats from Crust Almighty, Frikkadeli, Slow + Low and more



Let’s DANCE with a Tango , Swing and Salsa line up at the Silo

Let’s Quiz with Si Cantina Quiz Night

Let’s Dance, Hey Cape Town | 12:00-14:00



Steelband Showcase happening at Pierhead Plaza

Steel Band Showcase  | 10:30-12:00

Friday – 9:00 AM – 7:30 PM


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