TERN Entertainment & Development Projects

16 June 2023

“TERN Entertainment & Development Projects – Where Passion, Talent and Communities Meet”. This company stands firm with the strong desire to uplift communities by showcasing local talent on a scale that they have dreamt of. TERN Entertainment & Development project aims to use this company as a tool for local success. Through the work of the company, we have been able to represent artists on a performance level as well as educate them to be industry ready by exposing them to Arts & Culture.

The founder of this establishment, Tasneem Isaacs, a young lady from Bo-Kaap, with the knowledge of struggles within the community, has been targeting the youth and unemployed beings by creating jobs for them in the film industry. Isaacs has now targeted a further marginalized group, the entertainment industry, through singing, dancing, rapping and acting to name just a few.

Your Youth Day lineup will run as follows:

  1. Bomblife Entertainment
  2. Ashurah A.KA TBD
  3. Markin Baker
  4. Shewaan
  5. Kallian Vlok
Friday – 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


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