Heart of Filling the Belly

In our neighbourhood, we believe that kind business is good business. We  aim to develop a sustainable, authentic and locally-driven food ecosystem which is diverse and supports the wellbeing of our neighbourhood and its people and ultimately, society as a whole.

With Heart of Filling the Belly, our latest campaign which supports our food and beverage tenants through our strategic pillars of Community, Upliftment and Food propositions for locals, we are aiming to do just that.

The campaign was a catalyst response to the tremendous need for food relief at the outset of Covid-19.

Collaboration was the driving force behind our food relief program. We managed to chop, dice and cook up to 2000 meals a day, working in partnership with Den Anker, Via Vittoria, Radisson Red, Grand Beach Café and the Oranjezicht Farm Market. Our partnership allowed us to support local NGO’s like Ladles of Love, Hebron Project, The Justice Desk & The Rhulani Mabasa Children’s Foundation.

To date, we have shared 117 040 meals with hungry bellies in need!

We all love good food and there’s nothing better than enjoying a good meal with our loved ones. But when we come together to utilise food for the greater good of our community, we are able to achieve amazing things.

And for us, that’s the true Heart of Filling the Belly.