V&A Waterfront announces multifaceted food initiative

V&A Waterfront announces multifaceted food initiative

Neighbourfood speaks to exciting new food offerings, partnerships with Ladles of Love, Grow SA, Oranjezicht Market, EcoBrick Exchange, Oceans Pledge, SA Harvest, Food Dialogues and Philippi Village. 

[Cape Town: 24 June 2022] The V&A Waterfront has announced a multifaceted food initiative aimed at highlighting the neighbourhood’s many positive initiatives involving food.

Speaking to the neighbourhood’s unique approach to food, Neighbourfood puts a spotlight on the versatile food offerings at the V&A Waterfront, including exciting newcomers Mythos, Tang, Tiger’s Milk, Paul’s Bakery and Now Now.

The Waterfront has also announced irresistible winter specials across the neighbourhood, an exciting Social Impact initiative launched in partnership with Ladles of Love, an exciting competition for restaurant patrons and more.

Building a community through food

“Food has the universal power to break down barriers,” says Tinyiko Mageza, Executive Head of Marketing, V&A Waterfront. “It is also an important part of our neighbourhood’s offering.

“We are seeing a worldwide revival in community and reconnection after a period where we were required to isolate and remain distant from each other. This goes against our very natures and in fact, research shows that eating alone is inherently bad for us – and food has the power to nourish us, energise us and connect us to our humanity.

“Sharing meal after meal, a neighbourhood becomes a community and community can create a brighter future. Food tells the story of that future. And that’s what Neighbourfood is all about”, explains Mageza.

Food for the greater good

Neighbourfood also speaks to the Waterfront’s holistic approach to food. In keeping with the company’s focus on sustainability, restaurants are encouraged to secure ingredients from sustainable sources.

Henry Mathys, Social Impact & Food Ecosystem Head at the V&A Waterfront says, “The V&A Waterfront has developed a Food Ecosystem approach, where we seek to entrench and increase our contribution to the movement for positive change.

“We have implicitly and explicitly made a commitment to supporting the local, seasonal, and sustainable food value chain.

“In terms of food, our recipe is to develop a sustainable, locally-based, authentic, and culturally diverse food ecosystem that supports lives – livelihoods, health and well-being.”

Neighbourfood will also address the need to care for those who work in the precinct’s food sector. “For many in our neighbourhood, making and serving food, is what puts food on the table at their own homes,” says Mageza.

“With the upcoming Neighbourfood initiatives, we aim to help our eateries and their staff recover from what has been a very challenging period.”

Partnership with Ladles of Love

An important component of Neighbourfood is Neighbourfood Fridays, to be held at Makers Landing at the V&A Waterfront Cruise Terminal on Friday nights.  Hosted in partnership with Ladles Of Love, Neighbourfood Fridays is an opportunity for the public to assist in making sandwiches for those in need, before joining a communal food table serving a local-inspired artisanal menu.

Henry Mathys, Social Impact & Food Ecosystem Head at V&A Waterfront says, “Together, let’s make this winter a time of giving, caring, and sharing as we assist the most vulnerable communities gear up this winter to deal with what we know is coming – floods, fires and freezing cold weather.”says Mathys.

Neighbourfood kicks off with an exciting launch event on 24 June and will run for from 1 July to 26 August. The first weekly Neighbourfood Friday event will be hosted at Makers Landing on 8th July with the Community Table events taking place on 8 July, 5 August and 26 August.  Tickets for both events can be booked via Webtickets.

For more information, visit www.waterfront.co.za