In 2008, water-saving initiatives were introduced which include water-efficient toilets and urinals, sensor-operated taps in all bathrooms, drip irrigation for all ground covers and pre-set irrigation times in alignment with the current by-laws.

Stringent measures have been implemented in order to save water, and since 2010 water use by the V&A Waterfront has been cut by 61%.

This was achieved by:

  • installing water meters in all tenant premises;
  • using indigenous and drought-tolerant plants only;
  • use of borehole and grey water for toilets flushing and irrigation;
  • proactive pressure management and automated leak detection systems.
Water Saving Achievements

Further measures which have been introduced, or are being introduced, include the following:

  • Reducing water pressure throughout the property by installing pressure reduced valves into all main incoming lines feeding the property
  • Installation of water efficient fittings in bathrooms reducing water flow from 6 L/pm to 1,5 L/pm and also making hand sanitisers available.
  • In addition also adjusting the sensor timings on all taps
  • Installing a grey water system in the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre in November 2017, which uses the air conditioning cooling tower bleed-off to flush toilets;
  • Using sea-water cooling in all of the air-conditioning plants in the Silo District buildings, and connecting the Clock Tower buildings to sea water cooling at the end of 2017;
  • Using air-cooled chillers in the development at Waterway House instead of using potable water;
  • Using borehole and rainwater for the scrubbing of all hard surfaces and window cleaning.

Energy saving

  • Installation of electricity meters in all tenants’ premises and new building specification
  • Analysis of data on a more frequent basis
  • Seawater cooling of buildings; more efficient chillers
  • Pre-cooling of buildings
  • Light sensors upgrade and installation on all bathrooms across the precinct
  • Convert floodlights to LED’s
  • Specifying of latest generation refrigerants on new HVAC equipment

Waste management

  • Continuous tenant inspections focusing on recycling and waste management
  • Diverting 37% of all waste collected annually
  • Investigating alternatives to landfill

Sustainability ratings

  • V&A Waterfront has been named as one of the environmentally greenest precincts in Africa. Read more about it here.
  • Pre-certified credits awarded to be applied during all new future ratings
  • Vic Wharf existing building Green star 5-star rating awarded mid 2019
  • Net Zero ratings to be applied for all future developments
  • Retain Diamond status- Heritage rating for the third consecutive year in a row
  • Output of previous target set under Energy, water & waste management- A total Carbon Emissions saving of 40% year of year

Eliminating single-use plastic

  • Elimination of plastic straws
  • Implementation of the Breaking up with Plastics Campaign