The Contours of the Cape

Meet Wayne Bks aka Conform (he/he)

Born in 1982 in Cape Town, Wayne’s passion for drawing began in the early years of primary school. Later, in high school, he started using spray-paint as a medium and an instant love affair was born. After completing a three-year course in art direction and design at AAA School of Advertising in Johannesburg, Wayne worked in various advertising agencies. Today, he is a freelance creative executing his vision through murals and digital design work. His work has appeared in art galleries such as Circus Ninja, DIRT Contemporary, Whatiftheworld, WorldArt, Uncles Art Dealers, Art Bureau Collective, and various local and international publications.

A story with many layers

Visit the back of the letter T to see Wayne Bks’ artistic interpretation.

The inspiration for Wayne Bks’ interpretation of the tale of Atlantis Bobbejaanberg is very rooted in the community of individuals whose stories start here. The background, with subtle contour lines, is drawn from fingerprints and is a reminder that it is our uniqueness that brings all of the colours of the spectrum together. The artist reminds us: “all is not lost.” Instead, it is hope and possibility that shines through. The gears represent the industry that has sprouted up in the area and the four-wheeler is a tribute to the adventuring spirit brought out by the famous sand dunes of Atlantis. The flora compliments the narrative, with fynbos an integral part of the fingerprint of the Cape.