The Contours of the Cape

Meet Wes Leal (they/he)

Wes is an illustrator and artist known for pushing the limits of reality and infusing ordinary scenes with a touch of magic. As a proud member of the queer community, Wes incorporates elements of LGBTQ+ activism and representation into his work. With a playful approach, Wes aims to create whimsical worlds that inspire joy and invite viewers to embrace the ordinary. Their art is a celebration of imagination, blurring boundaries and challenging conventions. Through their unique vision, Wes reminds us to find the beauty in the unexpected and to never lose the wonder of childhood.

A story with many layers

Visit the back of the letter N to see Wes Leal’s artistic interpretation. 

This expansive, rich landscape – one that the artist has visited on many occasions – is the inspiration for this artwork. In times gone by, Cape Point was known by its notorious alias as the ‘Cape of Storms’ because of treacherous waters that have caused numerous shipwrecks. This heritage is represented by the lighthouse, a popular tourist attraction and iconic landmark. Wes has also included hikers on a trail, reflecting a popular activity at Cape Point.