The Contours of the Cape

Meet Wayne Bks aka Conform (he/he)

Born in 1982 in Cape Town, Wayne’s passion for drawing began in the early years of primary school. Later, in high school, he started using spray-paint as a medium and an instant love affair was born. After completing a three-year course in art direction and design at AAA School of Advertising in Johannesburg, Wayne worked in various advertising agencies. Today, he is a freelance creative executing his vision through murals and digital design work. His work has appeared in art galleries such as Circus Ninja, DIRT Contemporary, Whatiftheworld, WorldArt, Uncles Art Dealers, Art Bureau Collective, and various local and international publications.

A story with many layers

Visit the back of the letter C to see Wayne Bks’ artistic interpretation. 

Wayne Bks was deeply inspired by the area surrounding this mountain top, and pays homage to the coastal location’s heritage as a fishing community. This is represented by the fisherman and fishing boat, as well the snoek and crayfish for which the area is well-known by locals and travellers alike. With such a mountainous terrain, Hout Bay is a favourite spot for hikers, symbolised by the fynbos and other flora. 


The background, with subtle contour lines, is inspired by fingerprints and a reminder that it is our uniqueness that brings all of the colours of the spectrum into our communities. A diverse environment, place names make sure we remember the area is made up of various