Young Designers Emporium

Shop No
Upper Level
Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre
Closest Parking
Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre Garage

YDE (Young Designers’ Emporium) was started as a means to showcase the local talent of South Africa’s clothing, footwear and accessory designers. It caters to fashion-conscious people who follow both local and international trends, and who want a unique designer look. YDE’s clothing is original, chic, expressive and edgy, but does not follow the fashions slavishly. Therefore, its customers tend to be individualistic, and do not conform to pre-defined standards. YDE opened its stores with only 10 designers, and currently houses in excess of 80 local fashion designers, who supply the many YDE outlets nationwide. Ninety-five percent of the stylish clothing in the stores is locally made, and the concept of showcasing local talent has clearly been a successful venture.

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