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We specialize in wooden replicas of a wide range of products. We aim to bringe the existing gap between the skilled African artisans with no formal training in the field to the world at large.

Our products are made by malawians, from the deep village of Golomoti where there is no electricity and water. The most closest resource they have is nature.

This skill has been passed on through the past generations and it’s being evolved gradually. With the high unemployment rate in the country, let alone the Golomoti village where there’re no companies this is the only skill that young people opt for.

The few tourists that pass the village en route to lake Malawi are the main target market. The price of each product has a far disproportionate value of the craft. In view of this, many artists give up the craft as they find it hard to live on the craft.

We want to support the artists by sharing  proceeds from the sales proportionally. The wood that the artisans use is hardwood mostly from restricted species of trees like the African blackwood. We promote the use of trunks of self fallen fallen trees and educate the them of the importance of preserving trees especially the ones running the risk of being extinct.


Our products are not mass produced because of the scarcity of self fallen trees and of cause because everything is handmade. We want to give back to that community by creating jobs as an alternative to the craft made from wood whose trees are restricted.

10h00 - 18h00 winter
10h00 - 19h00 summer


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