Toy Kingdom

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Ground Level, Breakwater
Ground Level
Closest Parking
Breakwater Garage

Toy Kingdom is Africa’s most loved toy store, offering the latest and most recognised toy brands to families. This store encourages children and parents to interact and play with the toys.
Toy Kingdom isn’t merely a retailer, as each of these is a fantasy wonderland which is home to princes and princesses, noble knights and beautiful maidens, fashion dolls and toy soldiers, fairies and gnomes, explorers and heroes. Each store is unique, but there is a thread running through all of them. This fantasyland caters to babies and girls and boys of all ages. In select stores, you’ll also be able to spend some time under the Magic Tree playing with some demo products, take a spin on the Giant Slide, or find a ride in the Parking Garage. You never stop loving toys – the toys you love just change.


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