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The Collective mainly exhibits works from four internationally known South African sources, namely Vogel Design, Evolution, Nic Bladen Botanicals and WrenDesign. Paintings, cushion covers, wall art, sculptures, ceramics and gifts can be found at this stall in the Watershed. Vogel design is known for contemporary furniture with an African edge (much of it inspired by the Nguni cow), Evolution for an array of linen textiles decorated with historical designs, Nic Bladen for sterling silver and bronze jewellery that pays homage to indigenous plants of the Western Cape, and WrenDesign for Mac and iPad covers made from recycled paper. WrenDesign also sells yoga bags made from 100-year-old grain sacks imported from Europe.

More about The Collective’s artists:

Evolution Product   |   Cushions, Panels and Throws

“We would like to celebrate the past and cultivate our products for the home as conversation pieces narrating our own and our client’s unique relationship with time and geographical space. Our process is what makes us stand out from our competitors, we innovate and create new ways to bring beauty into every aspect of life. Through trial and error we explore uncharted territory to bring you one of a kind products.”

Vogel  |   Wooden Wall Mountings

We most enjoy exploring organic, nature inspired form, and the idea of form as an intuitive language which evokes an emotive response. We strive for a closed cycle metabolism by designing smaller products that are made from our factory offcuts, minimising our waste outputs, as well as contributing towards tree planting.”

Wren  |   Laptop & Tablet Cases, Bags, Organisers and Wallets

We produce a contemporary range of hand-crafted paper lifestyle accessories. Cement bag paper is fused with fabric for strength, and treated to become water resistant without losing its tactile honesty. This is an innovation that has been highly successful, and which has led to a range of over 100 products that combine simplicity of design with eco-friendly manufacturing methods- all out of paper and all 100% South African.”

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