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Playful, well-designed, and long-lasting, Swatch watches are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish but affordable casual watch. But how did these snazzy designs become a cult phenomenon? Well, it all started in 1969 with the Japanese invention of the quartz movement and the ability to bring low-cost but incredibly accurate watches to the masses for the first time. Swiss businessman and watchmaker, Nicholas Hayek, embraced this new technology and founded Swatch in 1983. Right from the get-go, Hayek committed to creating a fashion-forward range of analogue, quartz-operated, Swiss-made watches that oozed fun and personality.

When Swatch watches went to market, their playful designs and the brand’s provocative nature took the watch market by storm. Their biggest supporters?

Young, fashion-loving men and women who wanted accessories that showed their individuality and style. This led to the trend of ‘watch wardrobing’, which saw multiple Swatch watches being purchased to suit different outfits, events, and seasons. Exciting collaborations further fuelled Swatch-mania, with famous collections being designed by the likes of Kiki Picasso in 1984 and Keith Haring in 1986.

To this day, Swatch maintains its innovative, ‘anything goes’ design style, and their watch faces have been brought to life with everything from sketches and cartoons to photos and paintings. However, it’s not just good looks that makes Swatch an ever-popular watch choice. Swatch has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality and long-lasting watches that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

The brand is also committed to analogue timekeeping, giving their funky designs an even more retro feel. Within the Swatch range there is something for everyone, so as well as the many statement styles on offer, there is also a choice of more stripped-back, sophisticated designs.

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