Thursday, 12 December 2019
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Sunset Candles Co-operative offers you a wide variety of candles all with a uniquely African theme. These are purchased from various established candle-makers all over South Africa. Sunset Candles are locally produced and hand-made from high-quality refined waxes, colourants and additives using only wick that is approved by the World Health Organization. Our candles come in a wide variety of shapes and colours decorated with ethnic, wildlife, scenic and geometric designs. This business provides affordable candles that are both practical as well as decorative. Sunset Candles strive to radiate the warm colours of Africa by means of their products, and to create a long-lasting and memorable experience for clients.
Sunset Candles also specialise in lanterns (sculptured in wax) for use on patios and coffee tables. Also on offer are special themed candles for ideal for weddings, functions and as corporate gifts.

9am - 5pm
021 7976725
086 7432250


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