Rip Curl

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Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre
Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre
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Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre Garage

At Rip Curl, the surfboards and wetsuits are built for riding during your search for the perfect wave. Rip Curl not only produces the gear, it also runs events, supports riders, and teaches people to surf. You will need the best equipment when you chase uncharted reefs or unridden rails – there’s a reason why Rip Curl has been the market leaders in surfing wetsuits for over 30 years, and why they continue to set the standard. The handcrafted custom boards are made to fit the board to the surfer, not the other way round. It also offers the latest in watch technology. The Mountainwear range is aimed at giving skiers and snowboarders the tools to have fun in any terrain. Rip Curl sticks to its roots, but also has an eye on the future in order to push riding to a new level.

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