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Why non-european®

The story behind the name non-european® is set in politically troubled South Africa in the 1970’s, but the youth of today do not link a political archetype to non-european®. Their understanding of the brand name is ‘True-South African’, ‘original – not-copied’, which is wonderful because the brand’s aim is to build a new South African identity.”

Why the Tree Logo

The Tree Logo is a symbol of life, heritage and grit inspired by the camel-thorn-tree of the Northern Cape.
The landscapes of the Northern Cape where Elizabeth spent her childhood being educated under a camel-thorn-tree and watching drive-in silver screen movies under starry skies, still inspire non-european® designers Louis and Tarien Erasmus (née Malherbe) today. Both being firmly rooted in Africa; their heritage sets the tone for non-european®’s design style.

The non-european® Family

“We believe non-european is an expression of the elegant simplicity of the African continent and its people. We believe that each individual is created with a unique calling and purpose that adds value to the community they form part of. And we are inspired to use creative skill as a means to empower and encourage individuals”

non-european® is The Original South African Heritage Fashion Brand, inspired to use creative skill as a means to empower and encourage individuals.

This ethical fashion business has been focussing on sustainable growth since 2008, while providing permanent employment and skills development in the South African economy. Making a difference to the continent and its people through job creation is where it all started and remains the driving force behind the brand.
The non-european® studio and in-house production facility is based in Cape Town, South Africa. And the names of all the people whose hands have held your garment is printed on the garment label inside the product.

The non-european® Design Style

“Our commitment is to create elegant classic styles from the highest quality raw materials we can source locally. We believe there is a limitless supply of inspiration in the land and the legend of South Africa and draw inspiration from the landscape and colours of the African continent..”

Designers Louis & Tarien Erasmus express their unique South African heritage in limited runs of timeless designs with a strong focus on cut & fit. Their commitment to tirelessly invest in those on whose account the brand succeeds, is seen in the meticulous design and fine craftsmanship born from their hard work and commitment to excellence. Their versatile stylish designs have become a favourite to the discerning individual who wants to look good and feel comfortable! Designing with sustainability as a guiding philosophy is inseparable from their work and is expressed in every aspect of non-european®.

“non-european® is an Authentically African brand, loyal to the unique natural quality, simplicity, and elegance of our continent and its people.”

Our Story

This is our story.
It isn’t a perfect story.
But it is the beginning of something beautiful…
Deep-rooted in the dust of Africa ~
Our story is set to the song of children’s laughter
& resounds like a beating drum.
This is our commitment:
To tirelessly invest
in those on whose account we succeed,
so they in turn may help those who are in need.
For we are not race,
nor culture,
but human being.
We are non-european
and we’re designing a different reality.
We’re setting a new trend.

Join us as we re-write this story ~
One life at a time.

By buying into this brand
You’re placing power into your people’s hand:

Like raindrops that gratify barren land
Your money comes to be the very fibres of a garment
that satiates the parched economy of a promised land.

This is Your story.
It isn’t a perfect story.
But it is the beginning of something beautiful…

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