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In ancient Japan, it is revered that a sharp knife makes food taste better. We decided to put the abovementioned assumption to test and see if it was merely a myth or if some truth stuck to such a bold claim… We also decided that not any factory, mass-produced knife would suffice so we went to the Land of the Rising Sun and sourced some of the finest Japanese Handmade knives one could find.

Yes, the quest was to find one of the sharpest knives known to man, but sharpness alone would not have been enough. We believed that the creator of such an impeccable implement, a functional work of art, should also get the respect they so duly deserve. We also felt that in this quest, we should carry forward traditions passed on down decades of generations within single families. We regard the passing of traditions crucial to the preservation of all cultures. The craftsmanship, passion and art shown by these blacksmiths show that they are at the pinnacle of celebrating their traditions.

So now we’ve found a culture that runs parallel to our own beliefs, we’ve found a product that not only met our expectations but aesthetically surpassed it. Why should we not share this with the rest of South Africa?!

It is safe to say: We have a passion for Handmade Japanese Knives and Products. We just want to share that with the rest of you. If you’re interested in owning a piece of art, go check the catalogue. If you are interested in owning a bit of tradition, go check the catalogue. Hell, if you are interested in owning a sharp knife, well you know the rest…

To come back to the initial statement: does a sharp knife make food taste better? That has been blown out of the water with a unanimous YES and yes, you can find a “sharp” knife around any corner or at any supermarket. What you however won’t find around any corner or at any supermarket is craftsmanship. Tools prepared with honour, sincerity, passion, and pride.

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