Kingsley Heath

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Upper Level
Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre
Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre
Closest Parking
Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre Garage

Kingsley Heath is African Luxury. Conceptualised in 1994, Africa shines through its originality, diversity, authenticity and creativity. All of which are essential components of what defines luxury.

Steeped in tradition and rich with heritage, we celebrate many African heroes, wild places, customs, symbols, sports, art, rituals and lifestyles. We embrace all that is awesome about the continent of Africa.

Our designs are inspired by our rich history and African culture.  An exotic, luxurious old style, with a new mood and soul. Men’s rugged travelled-in pieces which are contrasted by the softer ladies apparel, such as unique, feminine printed dresses and tunics,  super-soft cotton t-shirts with hand rendered artworks, vintage styled appliqués and intricate embellishments.

The Kingsley retail experience strives to be a holistic one, filled with the sounds, scents, touches and hues so that our visitors, who are after all kindred spirits, will strive to have an experience over and above our distinctive product.

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