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Jewellery Art by Simon – Hand-crafted Jewellery – V&A Waterfront
Shop No
Ground Level
Alfred Mall
Closest Parking
Portswood Garage

Simon Shone started his business as a goldsmith in 1987 and has, over the years, built himself a reputation for unique jewellery design and excellent craftsmanship. He finds inspiration for his jewellery pieces from the beauty of nature and his affinity for wildlife. He is also known for his framed sculptures. He produces everything by hand, and this makes it possible to create special pieces for individual customers. He views every commission as a challenge and he has done many portraits of well-known personalities. Simon’s products include jewellery (both precious and non-precious), sculptured art, and pewter glassware. There is an African theme running through his work, which makes these pieces ideal gifts.

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