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Research shows we are going to live well beyond 100. How do you want those days to feel?

Life is not merely a timeline of events, but a collection of moments. What steps would you take to improve your every day, to extend your health span, and to add more joy to your life?

By prioritising your health, your most valuable asset, you can add more life to your years and more life to your years, enhancing the quality of your life and enabling you to pursue your passions and dreams with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Introducing InUWell- The Institute of Universal Wellcare- a World Class Precision Institute, offering a holistic proactive approach to physical, mental, and social health and well-being, all within a warm and welcoming retail environment. Designed to be billed the “Harley Street” of Cape Town, InUWell spans across 2000 sqm. With a versatile multifunctional design and a forward-thinking commitment to radical sustainability, we offer an unparalleled experience that is a seamless blend of physical and digital realms. We are not simply a destination, we are the heart of ‘Wellcare’.

With research grounded in science and futuristic 4IR technology, we provide personalised, preventative, and proactive approaches to health and well-being. Our personalized Wellcare Programmes enable you to live your life well for longer, and living longer is only great when you live better today.

We work with leading Medical Specialists from diverse fields, working collaboratively to transform disease treatment through innovative and holistic strategies, minimizing the need of medication and unnecessary procedures, and promoting the early detection of health risks and diseases.  Our commitment extends to addressing healthcare challenges in South Africa and beyond, and welcomes international tourists for complete medical and wellness solutions.

Our vibrant hubs offer a diverse range of services, including DNA genetic testing, comprehensive health scans and screenings, specialized treatments and therapies, leading pharmaceutical, aesthetic, exercise, relaxation, and lifestyle products and services, active health studios, a digital health bank with evidence-based healthcare insights and unmatched immersive multisensory experiences and Seniks POD experiences that will empower you on your path to optimal health.

You can’t predict the future. But you can control your actions that improve your every day. Shall we start now then?

Re-write your story. Join our Wellcare movement today by visiting us in the V&A or following us online and signing up to a personalised Wellcare Programme.

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