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We are not a Conventional Gym. We offer individual assessments, personalized plans and individual or general supervision to all our clients. We train in a holistic way, addressing functional strength, power, mobility and speed while working different muscle groups together the way they should.

Functional Performance Lab is a collaborated effort of sportsmen and sportswomen searching to find functional and sustainable ways of training that engage proper biomechanics in order to reach peak performance for any individual.

We are not a conventional gym where you pay a membership and then are left alone to train without supervision or guidance. Each FPL client, no matter the age or level, undergoes an assessment with our biomechanics instructors, which gives our team a base to build a specialized training program based on their unique needs.

Most of the equipment used in conventional gyms are made to be very easy to use; you are generally sitting down while working one muscle group at a time. If on top of that you start training this way with a bad posture and mobility issues, your body will only create more imbalances which hinder your ability to perform functional movements. It’s no wonder why there are so many people living in discomfort, with lower pack pain or many other issues.  Our bodies were not built to be isolating muscles. If we look at how humans evolved, our survival depended on primal activities like walking, running and throwing, which all involve different muscle groups working together, with the core activated,  and involving variables like balance, mobility, power, and coordination.  At FPL, we have a holistic approach to training, and our whole training system focuses on first acquiring correct movement patterns and posture by eliminating muscle imbalances and mobility restrictions, and then engaging correct biomechanical and functional movements. Our goal at FPL is not only to guide our clients to achieve their current fitness goals, but to train them in a way so that they will be healthy, mobile and pain free in the long run.

The training offered can be carried out by one on one sessions, or with general supervision. We always have a limited number of people in the facility. FPL is for ANYONE. From professional athletes, to people wanting to stay fit, to people recovering from injuries, anyone can benefit from our training methods


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