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FIELDS, founded by Mikael Hanan in 2019, embodies the essence of the modern man – versatile and multifaceted. Our brand celebrates the intricacies of masculinity through meticulously curated pieces that seamlessly blend contemplation, creativity, and physicality. Organised into three distinct lines – Soul, Art, and Outdoor – each category encapsulates a unique facet of our ethos. The Soul line embodies contemplation, purity, connection, and integrity; Art represents your impactful work, creativity, and leadership; while Outdoor embraces the tactile, the natural environment, and physicality.

At FIELDS, we operate with a commitment to environmental and economic sustainability. Our products stand in opposition to disposable fashion, championing menswear designed to endure. In 2021, our dedication to sustainable craftsmanship was recognised when we received the Trans-Seasonal Award at the TWYG Sustainable Fashion Awards. This success is inextricably linked to our valued factory partners, all based in Southern Africa who we visit on a regular basis and who play a key role in bringing our brand to life. Every season, we collaborate with artists from diverse corners of Africa, translating their artworks into limited-edition pieces. This unique fusion allows wearers to immerse themselves in art, enabling the wearer to express their deep appreciation through clothing. FIELDS’ products are more than garments and accessories; they are a collection of experiences designed to accompany you on your journey, from the comfort of your home to the productivity of the workspace, and to the world’s foremost cities.

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