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Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre
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We’re a fashion space that delights in the joy that fashion pieces can bring to the lives of style-focused women who take pleasure in the art of dressing. The silhouettes we create, fabrications we use and the shades we enlist to craft our designs echoes our love for the industry, and perfectly blends a women’s desire to be both on-trend and effortlessly chic all at the same time. We embrace the multi-faceted nature of women and we hope that what we showcase in the store appeases her (I should say “our”) multi-sided nature.

When you walk into our store we hope you feel invited into a space that makes you feel welcome and invites you to embrace the leisurely (rather than stressful) pursuit of finding something you would love to wear. For that reason, we have decided to house a coffee space within our walls; to really emphasise how delightful and unhurried shopping for yourself can be. Whether you’re a solo shopper who likes to take her time to decide on the pieces she wants, or need the support and cheers of friends to help you find the perfect pieces to add to your wardrobe – we’ve created a store in which all style personalities will feel comfortable- our only warning is that you will stay longer than you intended out of pleasure.

Monday to Sunday - 9am to 9pm


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