Alon Shina

Shop No
Ground Level
Closest Parking
Portswood Garage

My pieces are unique. Each piece of jewellery gets a personal touch and they are all one of a kind. I create heirloom pieces, to last you a lifetime and then pass them onto your loved ones.  The work begins with a stone and from there the jewellery is built. The price is determined by the quality of the stone.  I use the highest qualities of ethically sourced gems, and the gold is Fair Trade gold.  Most of the work is done in 22 Karat gold as it showcases the gemstones, however, I love to co-create pieces with my clients. Many of my clients bring me heirloom pieces that they wish to remodel. I have frequent online sales.

I have been a tenant, designing and manufacturing handmade jewellery onsite at the Watershed  (Craft Market) since 2000.

My store is in the Watershed in the jewellery section.

Winter: 10am - 6pm
Summer: 10am - 7pm

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