Robyn Keyser

27, Fashion Designer, founder Artclub & Friends

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Artclub and Friends is a unisex label handcrafted in Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded by Robyn Keyser in November 2016, because she wanted to build a people-focused brand that all artists can call home. A brand where artists can express themselves freely and trust that support will always be available to them on their journeys.

We are artists, who work with artists to make clothes for artists. We're here for the dreamers, the creators and the innovators. But beyond making beautiful clothes to inspire you to get up and chase your dreams, we exist to reconnect you to the profound process of making clothes - the stories of the people and their hands that make it all possible.


Artist Alliance Documentary

Robyn Kaizer is the founder and creative director of the clothing brand Art Club and Friends.Focused on collaboration and co-opetition, Robyn and Art Club and Friends believe in bridging the gap between talent and success by being resourceful to their community. Very open and honest about the City of Cape Town, Robyn acknowledges that a lot of spaces in Cape Town exist in isolation. However, things are changing from their perspective, just not nearly fast enough.

Artist Alliance Creation

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“As an artist that works with textiles and fabric, the inspiration behind my artwork stems from my love of the tactile and of course the inclusion of denim, one of the fabrics that has been reoccurring in our journey and has become a distinct part of our brands identity. We are constantly looking at ways to create pieces that are long-lasting and transcend trends, and this is why denim is a pillar textile in building brands voice. From here we repurposed offcuts from our signature dungarees to create texture while including a collection of our tools that are so important in bringing our works to life. So often the artist loves their tools as much as their work, because the one cannot exist without the other.”