Quays District: The heart of the V&A

Here you will find the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre, an outdoor amphitheatre, a children’s playground and jetties ready to launch sunset cruises into the harbour. Also known as the Heart of the V&A, this district features most of our popular and favourite stores, restaurants, taverns, activities.

In addition with a view to better defining an official "entry point" into the Waterfront we are redesigning the square between the UCB and the Alfred Mall and V&A Hotel. This will be a pedestrian-friendly entrance area with accommodation for more drop-and-go for cars taxis and e-hailing vehicles. This pedestrian entrance will simultaneously give visitors a view of the mountain, the sea together with the historic UCB and Nobel Square.

The Waterfront is transforming and re-energising the space in and around the historic Union Castle Building (UCB) which formed a backdrop to the Cape Wheel. The popular Cape wheel has outgrown its current location and it will be relocated to a location on the other side of the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre. The space where the wheel was is being transformed into a vibrant piazza square to be known as Union Square and will feature restaurant seating spilling out onto the square The square is also being redesigned to reflect it as a meeting and intersection point.

Quays Render 1 - Quays District (1)