Promotional Court Rules

  1. Promotional Court booking periods run from Tuesdays to Mondays.
  2. All Promotional Courts must be manned during the V&A’s trading hours, from 09h00 until 21h00 daily
  3. The Promoter will not be permitted to conduct sales from the Promotional Courts.
  4. A 1.5m height restriction applies to all displays in the Promotional Courts. Shell schemes and solid display boards will not be permitted if they are deemed to constitute a blocking wall that will obstruct the sight lines of the surrounding stores.
  5. Promotions must be confined to the parameters of the Promotional Court.
  6. No branding or display material (“signage”) shall be permitted on any pillars or railings. Signage is only permitted within the Promotional Court. All signage must be professionally printed. No hand written signs, pull – up or feather banners are permitted. All signage must be approved by the V&A and the Promoter is requested to submit same for approval prior to printing any signage. The V&A will not be liable for any loss incurred by the Promoter due to printing unapproved signage.
  7. Temporary flooring is compulsory at all Promotional Courts. No carpeting is allowed and laminated or tiled flooring is preferred. Vinyl flooring must be applied to a base and not directly to our mall tiles. Flooring must have sloped edging with ‘mind you step’ applied to the sloped edging. In the event of tape being used, the Promoter must ensure that the mall tiles are not damaged upon dismantling.
  8. A single-phase electrical point is available at all Promotional Courts.  Promoters must provide a suitable quality extension cable, of sufficient length to reach the nearest plug outlet [as indicated by the V&A]. The extension cables and ALL wiring must be securely fixed to the floor with duct tape [colour of flooring] or tucked underneath the flooring. No cables may be exposed in any way.
  9. No Promoter is allowed to promote a competitor Shopping Centre while conducting a Promotion in the Promotional Courts at the V&A.
  10. The promotion of other property companies will not be permitted at the V&A.
  11. The Promoter will ensure that its Promotional Court area is kept clean and tidy at all times. Waste is to be kept out of sight.
  12. If any food tastings are part of the Promoter’s Promotion, all food must be prepared off site and stored in accordance with the relevant health and safety regulations. Sampling of any food and or beverages must be served as a sample portion [as advised and approved by the V&A].
  13. The use of audiovisual equipment must be approved in writing by the V&A. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum at all times and be heard within the Promotional Court Area and not hinder surrounding tenants. If in the sole opinion of the V&A the audio is disruptive to other tenants, the V&A reserves the right to withdraw the approval for the use of audiovisual equipment at any time.
  14. The Promoter is not permitted to engage the services of outside security and /or cleaning personnel. Only V&A security and cleaning services may be used within the V&A premises. Should the Promoter require services, such requests are to be indicated in the Proposal and will be supplied to the Promoter at an additional cost.
  15. Parking tickets may be ordered at an additional cost should this be required for the duration of the Promotion.
  16. No Promoter is permitted to eat or drink at the court and must take lunch breaks away from the activation space [sampling by customers, if part of the promotion is permitted if approved by the V&A]
  17. Personal belongings to be kept out of sight
  18. Access: Prior arrangements must be made with the V&A regarding access to the mall for the purpose of load – in.
  19. Set – Up: Installation of Promotional Court stands and all materials must be undertaken after trading times(21h00), the evening prior to the promotion commencing and must be complete by 08h00 the following morning, being the first day of the promotion commencing.
  20. Strike: Dismantling of Promotional Court stands and all materials must be undertaken after trading times (21h00) on the last day of the promotion ending and must be complete (Promotional Court cleared) by no later than 08h00 the morning after the promotion ending.

    * The V&A reserves the right to amend its Promotional Court Rules in its sole discretion and at any time.