Portswood Ridge District: The business hub

The perfect connection between the V&A and the Atlantic Seaboard, this tranquil district is where you will find The Ridge, Scratch Patch and Cave Golf course, as well as a handy car wash. Watch this space for the new Urban Garden.

The Ridge has a 6 Green Star Office Design rating by the GBCSA and home to the Deloitte HQ with a handy Vida e caffè, which is also open to the public. The rating is considered as demonstrating ‘World Leadership’ and is referenced as a Living Breathing Building-organism. The Ridge creates an unparalleled internal environment with the highest level of natural light and fresh air. Occupants and visitors will enjoy its inspiring views, its inner green spaces, including a ground-breaking ‘central street’ concept, breakaway zones, and a reflective environment.

The building incorporates clever design, centred around people, planet, the broader community, and economic efficiencies. The use eco-bricks set an example, lowering of the building’s carbon footprint and the removal of 5.5 tonnes of single use plastic waste.

The design, construction and operation of The Ridge represents an exemplar green building design which sets a standard for similar developments and has the following key features:

  • An energy-efficient mixed mode climate control system using natural ventilation, TABS, and displacement ventilation,
  • Focus on natural lighting,
  • Water piped through the floor slabs for cooling,
  • Generation of renewable power,
  • Water harvesting for reuse,
  • Timber façade that has significantly less carbon than typically used material, and
  • 5.5 tonnes of single use plastic Eco bricks locked into the building.

“In light of the danger plastic waste poses for our environment on land and at sea, the V&A Waterfront supports all sustainable recycling alternatives. The Ridge’s novel use of recycling single-use plastic waste in a commercial development will hopefully set a benchmark for future industry projects. For communities, this presents a practical solution to unwanted waste and a way to raise funds for their communities.”

David Green, CEO V&A Waterfront

The Ridge - Portwood Ridge District

The V&A Waterfront will soon unveil the latest addition to its growing property portfolio – a zero-carbon Café built almost entirely from waste material collected from within the V&A precinct. The Café is located at the Portswood District, one of the greenest precincts in the V&A Waterfront. It is located within the vegetable garden in a courtyard created by Merchant House and opposite The Ridge, the new head office for Deloitte in the Western Cape and Cape Town’s newest 6-star Green Star awarded commercial building.

Food Garden

The vegetable garden was established in 2020 and currently supports sustainable urban food programmes, such as Ladles of Love and The Homestead who provide meals to the needy.