Pierhead District: Scenic views of the water

This is more the working area of the V&A Waterfront, but it is where you will find the helicopter companies that offer scenic flights around the Peninsula.

Here, you will also find the V&A’s Waste Recovery and Recycling Centre servicing a total of 384 collection points on-site and 550 bins are cleared twice a day.

Waste recovery and recycling centre

In 2021, the team collected over 4,300 tons of waste and managed to divert 36%, or 1,540 tons, from landfill through recycling and composting. Of this, 26 tons of waste came from the waterways alone. Plastic makes up an estimated 20% of all waste collected in the Waterfront.

Waste collection trucks (waste recovery)

An innovative example of plastic recycling was the Waterfront’s use of eco-bricks in the construction of The Ridge, now home to the regional offices of Deloitte. Approximately 12,500 two-litre plastic bottles were stuffed with waste such as chip packets, candy wrappers and plastic shopping bags. The eco-bricks were then used as void fillers in certain foundation areas to reduce the amount of concrete that would otherwise have been needed. The initiative was a first for a large commercial building.

Waste recovery and recycling centre (sorting waste - waste recovery 3)