Neighbourhood News Update: 8 October 2021

Joy from Africa to the World returns

Two years ago, we introduced a festive celebration like no other to the V&A Neighbourhood. Visitors were able to experience a truly exceptional African Christmas centered around celebrating the core of our beautiful continent, this gave birth to the theme ‘Joy from Africa to the World.’

This year we’re doing it again with the hopes to make an even bigger impact; we will be partnering with even more crafters, creatives, and engineers to create income opportunities for local communities. Joy from Africa to the World will take place over the months in the lead-up to the festive season, built around four “chapters” or themes:

  • Compassion
  • Discovery and Creative Exploration
  • Dignity and Pride
  • Hope and Joy

Find our press release here and follow the hashtag #JoyFromAfrica to be part of the V&A Waterfront’s journey of change and compassion.

Holmes Bros: now open in Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre

Holmes Bros is on the upper level, between Spur and Mr Cobbs. 

What’s on in the neighbourhood

  • Take the stage
  • Live at Makers
  • Incube

Visit our website for more details and for the full events schedule.