Neighbourhood News Update: 27 August 2021

Ladles of Love world record attempt takes place this Sunday

As part of our Heart of Filling the Belly initiative, we partnered with Ladles of Love with the aim to break the world record for the longest line of food cans donated by the public.

With strict COVID-19 protocols in place, the event takes place this Sunday across the property. Food cans will be lined up – at a stretch of 6.7kms. There’s still time for you book your slot and get involved by volunteering your time, donating food tins or joining the big walk on the day.

Book your tickets here.


Weekends at Makers Landing

Kids cooking class

The fun continues for the little ones with a fish and harbour cookie themed class tomorrow. Tickets can be purchased here.


V&A Waterfront Record Fair

The popular event is back this Saturday, 28 August from 10:30am to 2pm.

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World Water Week: Protecting a valuable resource

This past week was World Water Week – the number one conference focusing on global water issues. The conference is where collaboration and shared learning takes place and experts collaborate on solving real world problems. And with water making up most of our surroundings, we’re aware of the role that this precious resource plays in our neighbourhood. Since 2008, we’ve been doing our part to save and manage water in a sustainable way. Together, let’s continue to safeguard this life-giving resource.


Footfall update

It’s encouraging that our visitor numbers have remained steady at around 28k visitors daily for the past seven days. With payday this week, we’re expecting considerable growth in the visitor numbers over the next couple of days.