Makers Landing welcomes new tenants


A number of new tenants are opening at Makers Landing, join us in welcoming them to our neighbourhood. 

Crust Almighty

Buntu and Kabelo run Crust Almighty. They make some of the best sourdough bread toasties and are known for creating crusty melting moments. When Kabelo and Buntu started Crust Almighty, they were still students at hotel school, fast forward four years and they are still there as partners and owners of Crust Almighty.
Through lessons learned, hard work and grit they are constantly working on their goal of being leaders in the street food community and creating a culture that elevates the customer experience.

Blue Tree Seafood

BlueTree Seafood was started by a husband and wife duo in their home kitchen with nothing but a love and passion for the hospitality industry. After serving in the hospitality industry for ample years Kim and my husband knew they’d never want to go back to anything else but this. Specifically Sushi & Seafood. They currently prepare fresh Seafood at Makers Landing. It’s served after being battered and crumbed to perfection. Served with a side of tasty fries or healthy greens and topped with delicious and all-time favourite BlueTree secret sauce.

Tasca Mozambique

Starting out of a shop in Woodstock, Tasca Mozambique joins Makers Landing with a fresh take on Portuguese Chicken and Mozambican Prawns. Here you will find family meals to suit everyone’s tastebuds and pockets. Sourced from local producers, their highest quality freshness is guaranteed. The business is a family run by father and son duo, Moosa and Mikaeel.


Heritage, Quality and Flavour – @frikkadeli started as a brainwave between Saa-rah Adams and her sisters while discussing their mother’s incredible cooking. They wanted to share it with the world, so they decided to start a business based on her Cape Malay recipes. They focused on perfecting a concise, flavourful menu with the quintessential frikkadel at the core. They pride themselves on using high-quality ingredients and environmentally ethical business practices. Their focus now is to open a Frikkadeli eatery where customers can experience their warm hospitality and delicious food.

Tamu by Jane

This astounding woman’s mission is to influence a culture of healthy living through plant-based eating. Jane’s deep and beautiful story has seen her through Rwanda, DRC, Kenya and finally, SA. Her food journey is just as textured and inspired, leading her focus to East African and African-influenced plant-based cooking. Her passion for creativity and flavour has grown quite a following, and she is often asked to develop recipes for people and brands. Keep an eye out for her East African feasts that she promotes via Instagram (think hand-rolled chapati, coconut beans, spiced pilaf and more), as well as her delicious creations like baked vegan cheesecake and healthy lunches. Opening at Makers Landing this December.

Slow & Low

Bringing a community together through great food, cooked slow and low. Former artists and musicians Connor and Lester met as chefs in the kitchen of the One&Only. Here they experienced the culinary rigour of cheffing and learned the ins and outs of high-end restaurants. Eventually, they left to pursue their dream of building their own business. These guys have taken the Incubator program head-on and now offer a perfected menu of ethically-sourced smoked ribs, triple-cooked fries, and mouth-watering sides. Find them at Makers Landing this December.