Lookout 1 – Seal Platform

Cape fur seal

Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus
  • I eat octopus, crabs, mullet, cuttlefish, mantis shrimps, crayfish and even cormorants.
  • I can swim up to twenty kilometres an hour and can hold my breath underwater for about seven minutes.  
  • I am playful like a dog and sometimes get nooses of plastic or fishing line around my neck. These nooses get tight as I grow and hurt me.

Saving Seals:

Other seal rescue videos:

The Marine Wildlife Management team look after all aspects of wildlife management in the V&A neighbourhood including the Marina, which has Blue Flag status. They employ permanent wildlife monitors that patrol the entire area on foot daily and record the presence and movement of marine wildlife, especially Cape fur seals.

The team also assist the Two Oceans Aquarium with an on-going seal disentanglement programme in collaboration with DFFE. Checking rooftops of all the buildings within the V&A Waterfront to ensure no seabirds or chicks are at risk. Sunfish are often assisted out of the harbour, and sometimes even the dry dock. Our team is on stand-by for any animal related emergencies or callouts.





Grey heron

Ardea cinerea cinerea
  • I have a sharp, powerful beak that I use to spear small, slippery prey.
  • I eat fish, frogs, insects, crabs and even small mammals. 
  • I can grow to 1m tall, and my wingspan is between 1.5m and 1.9m wide. 
  • I can fly at speeds of up to 64 km/h.

Box jelly

Carybdea branchi
  • I use my tentacles to feel vibrations in the water and to catch my food. 
  • My tentacles are armed with thousands of stinging cells that I use to stun and kill my prey. 
  • I have 24 eyes nestled in heart-shaped structures within my bell.
  • I am made mostly of water.