Lookout 2 – SAS Somerset

Cape clawless otter

Aonyx capensis
  • I live around freshwater and along the coast. I also live around parks and gardens in urban areas.
  • I need fresh water to drink and to clean my fur. 
  • I have long fingers on my front feet and no claws. I have some webbing on my back feet to help me swim.
  • I use my strong, thick tail as a rudder when I swim. 
  • I have soft, dark-brown fur, a white chin and chest, long white whiskers, and small ears.
  • My fur is thick to keep me warm in winter and cool in summer. 
  • I eat crabs, fish, frogs, insects, worms and even shysharks. 
  • I am curious and playful.


Environmental message: 

  • I am wild so please don’t try to feed me or let me get too close to you – I may bite to protect myself. Please do take photographs of me!

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