Lookout 5 – Nelson Mandela Gateway Platform

Environmental message:

Plastic bags look like jellies when they float in the water and animals might eat them by mistake. Please avoid single-use plastic and choose reusable alternatives.

Night-light jelly

Pelagia noctiluca
  • I live in large blooms in deeper waters off the Western Cape coast. 
  • Sometimes I flash my own glowing lights when I am struck by waves
  • I range in colour from mauve, purple, and pink to light brown and yellow. 
  • I eat floating planktonic animals, larvae and fish eggs. 
  • My tentacles and bell are covered in stinging cells.

Behind the scenes with jellies, corals and their not-so-spineless carer:


  • I look like a delicate flower, but I am actually an animal that can move and catch prey. 
  • I have poisonous barbs in my tentacles which fire on contact, injecting poison into my prey.  
  • I protect myself by secreting a special slime which prevents the stinging cells on one of my tentacles from firing when they come into contact with other tentacles or with my body.