The Cape Association Of Male Choirs

18 December 2022
Pierhead Deck

The Cape Association of Male Choirs was formed to get men, groups, or choirs together, who share a common interest in the wide spectrum of music. The specific area of music involves singing. Choirs love singing in harmony and it gives all these men absolute pleasure to do just that. Particular songs are searched, studied, and rehearsed in order for them to be performed on various stages. Most choirs perform at church gatherings, choral events, festivals, and even competitions. This organization attempts to get men of various music orientations, talents, and interests together to share their successes, but also work together to overcome problems, difficulties, and struggles.

This organization had already had performances across the peninsula, Boland, West Coast, and further afield showcasing their talents. They’ve also had the opportunity to perform with other sharing international stages such as the ARTSCAPE THEATRE.

Christmas is always a time for Choirs to be active, and we are so privileged and appreciative of the Waterfront Company who so graciously gave us the nod to stage the Carols at this most famous and popular venue in Cape Town. Having Table Mountain as the backdrop and the still SEA waters of the HARBOUR in front of you makes this the ideal place to be and to listen to your favourite carols like O COME ALL YOU FAITHFUL, SILENT NIGHT, O HOLY NIGHT to mention but a few. Hence the title CAROLS in the WATERFRONT in SEA Major.

The overall objective of the Association is to create and promote a culture of singing in the community of Cape Town. To develop the capacity of male Choirs and leaders in order to produce high quality songs and music. By singing together the Association promotes social cohesion and unity in Cape Town.

Sunday – 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


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