Salsa Community of Metropolitan Cape Town

9 August 2022
Silo District- Between Si & The Yard Restaurant

Salsa is both a dance and a musical style with deep Caribbean, Cuban and African roots. The distinct style of Salsa most recognised today emerged from the musical revolution in New York City in the 1970s that has reverberated around the global.

Salsa has been enjoyed in the City of Cape Town for the better part of 20 years from the heady days of Bossa Nova to Buena Vista to the dance classes, parties and events throughout the week today. Salsa has a distinct historical and musical resonance with our very own Goema and Cape Jazz dancing.

This National Women’s Day the eclectic, diverse and vibrant Salsa community of metropolitan Cape Town celebrates the women of the City, our country and the world. The Women’s Day event will feature an all women DJ line-up playing the very best in Salsa; Bachata originating from the Dominican Republic, Semba and Kizomba birthed in Cape Verde and Angola, and Afrobeats in celebration of all Africa.

Joining us is DJ Girassol & DJ Lani,

DJ Girassol aka Patrícia Cardoso is a teacher, performer, DJ, and event coordinator of Mozambican origin, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Patrícia specializes in teaching Kizomba, Semba, Traditional and Modern Bachata, and Samba. She also dances Salsa, Brazilian Zouk, among others.

Lani is a professional dancer with more than 10 years dance experience. She started in International Ballroom and Latin and now spends all her dance time in Salsa. With Gold medals in Ballroom and Latin, she teaches and performs alongside Carlos having joined the Sensagria team in 2011. With a talent for body movement and styling she takes the ladies on a journey to being beautiful, sexy, feminine and playful in their dancing.

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Catch Al Petersen @11h30 & Micaela Kleinsmith @13h00

Tuesday – 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM


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