Our Rights, My Rights, Our Responsibility: building the South Africa we want!

21 March 2021

For too long we have been waiting. Waiting for other people to bring about positive change. But, if it were only up to the politicians, the lawyers & the social workers change would have happened by now. We need to recognize that changing this world, our country for the better is up to all of us!

The South African dream is built on the understanding that South Africa belongs to us. The sacrifices of generations before us, require us to look after each other.

The Preamble of the South African Constitution, states that “We the People…”

This is a call to action for all South Africans. This call is for us to be reliant on, protective of and responsive to the needs of our fellow South Africans.

The Justice Desk’s Theme for this Human Rights Day is: Human Rights & Responsibilities.

The aim of the campaign is to promote the importance of everyday activism & encourage everyone (every human person) to take a stand and be a human rights hero. The Justice Desk is calling on the new and old generations to change the way we look at Human Rights!

Human Rights should not be beautiful words in a book called the constitution. Human Rights should be the lived reality of all South Africans, every day. We must, therefore, ensure that people know their rights but also know that we share a responsibility to each other.

On Sunday the 21st of March, in order to involve the wider V&A Waterfront Community, we will be holding an activation at the V & A Amphitheatre. The Justice Desk Staff, volunteers and Mbokodo girls will be encouraging passers-by to answer the two questions on coloured paper (the colours of the South Africa flag), think about how they can be a part of building a better society and place their answers onto the flag – ultimately helping to build the South Africa we want to see! They will also have an opportunity to take a photo against The Justice Desk’s Everyday Activist Banner with a Human Rights Defender poster.



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