LIVE at Makers – Jo Kunnuji Experiment

30 October 2021
Makers Landing at the Cruise Terminal

In his search for a new sound and in the bid to preserve his musical heritage, Joseph Kunnuji, who has completed the B Mus. degree in Jazz performance, B Soc. Sc. degree in Sociology and currently studying for an M Mus degree in Ethnomusicology at the SACM, UCT; began experimenting with a blend of Jazz harmony and improvisational style with rhythmically exciting Ogu music. In the process, Kunnuji struck on a syncretic musical style. The syncretic style, embracing African rhythm and African American influenced harmony will then become the core of the repertory of Kunnuji’s Band that would be known as Jo Kunnuji Experiment.

The syncretic style, played by young South African musician, features Ogu folk tunes and rhythms laced with Jazz Harmony, thereby creating an unparalleled style, with a wide appeal.

At this experimental stage, Jo Kunnuji Experiment performs with a vocalist, a four-man horns section, and a rhythm section made up of piano, drums and double bass.

Sunday – 2:30 PM – 2:30 PM


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