The Power of Youth: Meet the Activ8

16 June 2022
Amphitheatre Stage

The Justice Desk, an award-winning human rights organisation, was started with the belief that youth people have the power and ability to make a real and lasting difference in their communities and world. We are empowering our youth to understand and defend their Human Rights – so that they can transform society and create a more just and equal world!

TJD’s mission has always been to promote the power of everyday activism. Our movement is filled with young people from across South Central Africa who are committed to educating, empowering, and inspiring their generation – and those yet to come, to lead their own change!

We have worked with countless youth who have led incredible change. We have worked with girls who are standing up against gender-based violence, deaf students lobbying for accessible emergency lines, young students abolishing corporal punishment, boys taking a stand against tampon tax and, young teens being responsible for the capture of human traffickers. Our young people are truly changing this world!

From the many projects run by TJD, and out of the thousands of young activists in our campaigns, 8 changemakers were chosen to form TJD’s “Activ8” movement.

The Activ8 is a group of young human rights defenders, who have done tremendous advocacy work, who have chosen to champion and raise awareness to various issues that affect children in our world today. They are committed to creating long-lasting change and dedicating their lives to advocating for the fundamental human rights of all people!

On Youth Day, The Justice Desk will be launching the Activ8 – where our young activists will have the opportunity to amplify their voices and publicly commit to creating true and lasting positive change. 

This Youth Day is about recognizing the power our youth hold and how we as a society can better invest in them in order to foster a group of incredible human rights defenders and leaders for change. 

They believe in you, do you believe in them?

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