Friday Night Jazz

23 February 2024
Makers Landing

Jazz music has been an integral part of social gatherings in South Africa, particularly in urban areas like Cape Town. It is weaved into the fabric of the city. Both food and jazz are platforms of expression linked to culture, history and commentary. At Makers Landing this Summer, we want to create a vibrant, intimate atmosphere that brings people together by converging live music and food resulting in an enjoyable multi-sensory experience.

Kujenga is an improvised music outfit based in Cape Town. The band’s name comes from the Swahili language, with the word meaning “to build.” The title symbolises the group’s belief in their calling as creators: to build meaningful experiences and connections with every listener. Community and emancipatory politics are central pillars in Kujenga’s music, as the band sees art as a tool for collective struggles within their home country and the wider world. Kujenga follows on from the rich legacy of Black band music in South Africa, with the ensemble representing the present and future of this historic sound. The band started their journey in 2017 and have since performed at several stages across South Africa, leading to them being recognised by many as part of the forerunners in modern SA Jazz. They released their debut album Nationality in 2019 and are set to release their sophomore album In The Wake in 2024.

In The Wake

‘In The Wake’ is a project written and recorded in response to some of the most challenging years faced by the band. The album is an articulation of personal and systemic experiences which took place during the coronavirus pandemic. More crucially, the project sets its focus on assessing the kind of world which could place us in such predicaments. In The Wake is the band’s interrogation of critical questions concerning our situation; where do we find ourselves, what brought us here, and where do we hope to go?



Friday – 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


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