Friday Night Jazz

11 August 2023
Makers Landing

Jazz music has been an integral part of social gatherings in South Africa, particularly in urban areas like Cape Town. It is weaved into the fabric of the city. Both food and jazz are platforms of expression linked to culture, history and commentary. At Makers Landing this Winter, we want to create a vibrant, intimate atmosphere that brings people together by converging live music and food resulting in an enjoyable multi-sensory experience.

Stay warm and cozy while enjoying our delightful entertainment with a lineup featuring Kujenga, Vernon Castle, Leslie Kleinsmith and The Guitar Cartel. Please see dates below.

14 July 2023 –  Kujenga

21 July 2023 – Vernon Castle

11 August 2023 – Leslie Kleinsmith

18 August 2023 – The Guitar Cartel


11 August 2023 – Leslie Kleinsmith

Starting at the tender age of 13, in “District Six”, a part of Cape Town where abundant musical talent proliferated, Leslie shone like a star.

Currently living in France, he is an artist who has the stage presence, voice and charisma of performers such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis jnr. All of whom, were influences in his formative years. They were artists, whose craft was a studied balance of talent, choreography and timing which, when combined, commanded respect and recognition.

Leslie offers the same professionalism. His every move on stage, once choreographed, is a natural flow of grace and delivery. His voice, now a sculpted tone of contra-alto leaning towards golden tenor, evokes a warmth and pliability that turn great songs into personal innovations of love.

Timing is what Leslie is all about. He has honed the magical art of delivery to a degree that sees the great standards of the American songbook, interpreted in a confident jazz style savoured only, as one with experience can.

Through the years, he has learnt to master many different genres of music which includes Pop, R&B, Rock, Funk, Ballads and (Big Band) Jazz.

Since 2009 Leslie has been performing with 12 dancers aboard the cruise liner “Costa Pacifica” as Production Singer.  Critics, music directors and colleagues throughout the years have been unanimous in their praise for the professionalism and finesse Leslie has brought to a varied career, from cabaret and club dates to stage productions and television cameos.

Needless to say, the young Leslie started a career that would, over time, take him to the international stages of the Edinburgh Arts Festival in Scotland and the 1992 Miss World Contest where 600 million television viewers got to see him perform.

Leslie can be proud too of being an African performer. For a dynamic young black performer, his home country offered limited career options, but he remained resolute to making a success and firmly believes his African odyssey gave him the impetus to reach for the very top of the entertainment world.

Friday – 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


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