Cape Culture Braas Band

24 September 2022
Amphitheatre Stage

We as Cape Culture Brass Band is a young vibrant group of musicians that came together almost a year ago. We as Cape Culture Brass band would just like to share our music and culture to the different part of the world having them to understand where of music originate from. Our Band consist of 10-13 musicians, which is made out of two (2) trumpeters, (2) trombone players, one (1) saxophone player, two (2) accordion, two (2) banjo players, one tuba, drummer, jingle’s and vocalist. We can play a variety of music and can accommodate any function(s) which range from Minstrel’s, Funeral, Weddings and Cooperate Events. We have a unique brand and/or style we play and produce a high quality of music as we pride ourselves in being the best in our individual capacity. Although we have only played together for almost a year we have achieve a lot and hoping to release a full blown music repertory in the next coming months. Our band is quite manageable in terms of instrumentation and barely no sound or mic’s required. Most of the musicians has been exposed on a professional level and has played with world renown legends such as the Peaches and Herbs. Our aim for the Band is to eventually travel the world and represent our Culture abroad. We as Cape Culture Brass Band take pride in our profession as musicians and was always try not to disappoint our spectators and fans. We are taking the Cape by Storm.

Saturday – 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Saturday – 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

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