Biig Braai Festival

24 September 2023
Makers Landing

Biig Braai Festival is a fresh and new concept by Ukhamba Beerworx which connects people that resonate with the rich tapestry of our nation. Our vision is to unite through the heart of our culture – the beloved braai. We’ll curate an unforgettable event that celebrates our heritage and culinary prowess. As the beats of our DJs fill the air in the vibrant outdoor arena, located just steps away, the atmosphere will come alive with energy, forging memories that echo the unity of our people.  

The event celebrates every facet of enjoyment, catering to all ages and ensuring a day filled with delightful memories.

Performance Line-Up:

  • Black Magic
  • Bassik
  • DJ Mamba
  • Lenneth Bowers
  • Twinzspin
  • Liam Hans
  • Ryan Hill
  • Dylan Munro


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