Aweh! Heritage Day Showcase

24 September 2024

Bruinchild media has been approved to produce a TV show on Cape Town TV. The show is about the Cape Coloured culture, music, the arts and the Khoi. We would like to merge the television show with a Youth Musical showcase at the iconic V&A Amphitheatre stage on 24 September 2024. The Aweh Heritage Day Showcase is a vibrant showcase of young performers , dancers and even a choir. The artists will perform songs in English and Afrikaans and the audience will be amazed to see the traditional Khoi riel dancers.

Our main objective is to showcase Coloured and Khoi culture to the world, challenging negative stereotypes and fostering understanding. Through an unforgettable event packed with entertainment, culture, and local talent, we aim to educate and entertain audiences. The V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre, with its breathtaking backdrop and distinctive ambiance, is the ideal venue for this celebration, promising a memorable experience for all. Additionally, this event will offer invaluable exposure to the talented aspiring artists we’ve handpicked, further amplifying their voices and contributions.

Tuesday – 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM

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