Isibane se Afrika on Heritage Day

24 September 2022
Amphitheatre Stage

Andisiwe Gaqa grew up in Khayelitsha, and as a result, she established Isibane Se Afrika which means “The Light From Africa”, in 2003. It was formerly known as Save Us All – a clap and tap gospel choir. The name changed because there was a greater need to be open minded, to give all members their own identity to feel free, including those who are not Christians but want to be a part of the choir. 

Andisiwe is not only the founder of the Isibane Se Afrika Choir, but the project manager of Choir Vibes, as well as co-founder of Nokuhle Foundation. 

The choir rehearsed in her mothers’ garage in Site B Khayelitsha. The dream was to have a bigger space for practising, and to call their own. It seemed impossible up until 2018, as they started receiving donors through Uthando SA. They helped the choir build their dream called Isibane Se Afrika Centre, located in Makaza. At the centre, the choir is able to teach the community African dancing, sell beaded products at their shop, as well as rehearse their songs. 

Isibane Se Afrika has since received many performance requests. They are not only restricted to singing gospel, but suitable songs for weddings too, traditional songs, as well as choral and they also became the “potjiekos choir”, where they perform all African styles in South Africa, which is usually found in the townships, in the city.

Many opportunities have been presented to Isibane Se Afrika, such performing in Poland, and inside Queen Elizabeth’s boat, as well as for Prince Harry and the Duchess. The choir has been performing at the V&A Waterfront for three years now. They also frequent Karibu which is a South African dining on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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